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  • First parrot harness succeeded in strength test

    July 5th, 2016 | by Milena Potuckova
    First parrot harness succeeded in strength test

    Parrot free flight has become very popular among pet owners in the last couple of years. Harnesses are mostly used for parrot training. They prevent escape and also learn the parrot how to move in open space. If parrot wanted to fly away, harness stops him. However, lots of harnesses at the market are made of low quality materials and because of that the seams can rip easily. The result is clear – your parrot will escape. High quality harness should not allow this situation.

    Czech made parrot harness was tested in Institute of testing and certification in Zlin, Czech republic. Testing was focused on sewn seams strength in pulling with high weight. And the result is really satisfying. “By pulling the harness with force of 90 N, all sewn seams stayed in the same condition, undamaged”, said chief of the testing laboratory of Institute Jiri Samsonek in protocol. During the test period, employees of the Institute pulled the harness strap with force of 90 N for 10 seconds. They have tested both types of sewn seams, “T” and “I” shaped. In both cases they repeated the test for three times.



    “We tested a parrot harness (or any other animal harness) for the first time. The fact, that the harness came through the testing in laboratory, shows the correctness of the producer and the effort to present the real attributes of product,” says Anna Hrnciarova from the Institute for testing and certification. According to her words, the protocol cannot be considered as a certificate, because the parrot harness does not belong among certified products. “There is not any standard, which the harness should require.”

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    Tested harnesses are available on ebay in three sizes: S for small parrots like cockatiels or senegal parrots, M for medium sized parrots like amazons or african greys, and L for large parrots such macaws and cockatoos.


    author: Milena Potuckova

    Title photo: (c) Milena Potuckova


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