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  • US Ambassador John Berry visited the PRIAM Psittaculture Centre in Australia

    May 27th, 2016 | by Daniel Gowland
    US Ambassador John Berry visited the PRIAM Psittaculture Centre in Australia
    PPC News

    A few weeks ago, Priam Psittaculture Centre, Research & Breeding (PPC R&B) had the pleasure of hosting the US Ambassador John Berry, his partner Curtis Yee, and the Threatened Species Commissioner Gregory Andrews.

    PPC R&B is a Zoo & Aquarium Association welfare accredited – research and breeding facility, of Australian and exotic species (parrots, amphibians and endangered native mammals), with over thirty years experience in ecological research and captive management. The centre is situated on 18 hectares of native eucalypt woodland near Bungendore.

    Ambassador John Berry was formerly the Director of Washingtons National Zoo, and the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation in the U.S. He has worked for many years to conserve wildlife habitats and protect endangered species.



    Daniel Gowland (manager of PPC R&B) is currently the chair of the Orange-bellied Parrot (Neophema chrysogaster) Captive Management Group. The Orange-bellied Parrot is one of the most critically endangered bird species in Australia. PPC R&B has had great success in breeding these parrots, and the young are to be released in Tasmania. Another project also currently being undertaken by PPC R&B, is the critically endangered Smoky Mouse (Pseudomys fumeus) breeding and reintroduction, in conjunction with the Smoky Mouse National recovery plan.

    A few important topics have been discussed at this meeting as PRIAM posted on the official facebook page:

    “The Southern Highlands turned on winter for the visit, with a morning mist moving through the facility. Some of the major topics facing threatened species management worldwide were discussed, as we strolled through PPC R&B’s various abodes observing Orange-bellied Parrots, Green & Gold Bell frogs, Smoky Mice, Red-fronted Macaws and Double Yellow-headed Amazons.”

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    Curtis Yee, Daniel Gowland, Gregory Andrews and Ambassador John Berry in front of flights for large parrots (c) PRIAM


    US Ambassador appreciated PRIAM’s qualities on his facebook page:

    “PCC is a specialist conservation facility for Australian and exotic parrots. Not only do they have the biggest hearts when it comes to endangered birds, but they’re leaders in the research and development of sustainable captive breeding. Among PCC’s projects is the conservation of iconic Australian avian species – like the critically endangered Orange-Bellied Parrot, identified in Australia’s Threatened Species Strategy as one of 20 birds to be recovered by 2020. PCC looks after 37 Orange-Bellied Parrots in their captive breeding program. Out in the wild, there are approximately 40 of these small parrots left. They have a global biomass of just 1.5 kilos – that’s less than a carton of milk! So it was a truly special experience to see these beautiful birds in person.”



    Lilac-crowned Amazon at PRIAM (c) PRIAM


    Orange-bellied Parrot at PRIAM (c) PRIAM


    Orange-bellied Parrots at PRIAM (c) PRIAM


    Blue and Gold Macaw at PRIAM (c) PRIAM


    He also added that birds are not the only point of interest in this facility:

    “PCC’s care for precious fauna extends to species management programs for other animals like the Green & Gold Bell Frog and the Smoky Mouse. They work with organizations like Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary to develop breeding populations for the reintroduction of species like the New Holland Mouse into native habitats. What’s more, they’ve enlisted Maggie – a conservation dog who sniffs out threatened species’ habitats and keeps feral cats out! My thanks to Priam Australia‘s Facility Manager Daniel Gowland for letting folks like me, Curtis, and Threatened Species Commissioner Gregory Andrews visit and enjoy time with amazing animals we need to maintain on our Planet Earth.”

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    More Information can be found at:


    Title photo: (c) PRIAM Psittaculture Centre


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